Odor Removal Services

Odor Removal Services

There are a few things in your home that can cause odor problems for your carpets. They are usually cute and furry and love you unconditionally. Unfortunately they don’t always do the right thing and when they aren’t feeling well or can’t get your attention in time, accidents happen.

Pet urine is a unique odor problem because of its biochemical makeup. It has a high protein concentration and emits ammonia, mercaptans and amine gases. The severity of the odor is related to the animals health, diet and the frequency and amount of the accidents.

Mild to moderate problems may be corrected and the odor completely removed. This process may include treating not only the carpet but the padding, tack strip and subflooring. The urine must be broken down and completely flushed out of the affected area in order to completely remove the odor.

Clean Health Carpet Care uses the highest quality solutions to break down the urine and high powered sub surface extractors to rinse and extract all of the urine from the carpet, padding and subfloor. In more extreme cases of contamination, the padding will need to be removed and the subfloor will need to be directly treated. In the worst cases, the carpet and padding will need to be removed and the subfloor treated.


Rest assured that when Clean Health Carpet Care says that we can get the odor out, we’ll remove the odor or the service is free.

It is always best to call when you first notice an accident. Urine can stain and/or remove color from your carpet and the longer urine stays on a carpet the harder it is to remove.